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Superior Breeding Pig

Breeding pig industry, as the top of the pyramid of pig industry, has always met contention of a hundred schools of thought in the past in China. Danbred pigs as a successor to Chinese breeding pigs, make many breeding enterprises earn a lot with its high fertility advantage.

The Pudan breeding pig farm adheres to the concept of high configuration, high quality and excellent breeding source, and is committed to promoting PSY35+. The farm introduces the pure Danbred Yorkshire gilt and the pure Danbred Landrace boar. Also, the hybrid herd of them is mainly used for sale, including Danbred hybrid sow (about 60 kg for slaughter) and Danbred hybrid barrow (growing to 15 kg for slaughter after castration). The Pudan breeding pig farm, as a Dan breeding pig farm, is managed strictly in accordance with EU standards. It is guaranteed that sows are fed with the standard of high-yielding to ensure excellent breeding source.