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Overview of Pig Farm

Pudan breeding Swine Co., Ltd. is a joint venture between China and Denmark. It is a demonstration pig farm that will be completed soon. It covers an area of 11.81 hectares. After completion, there will be a total stock of 2,400 sows, 23,000 breeding pigs and 61,000 commercial pig. The first phase of the investment is 50 million yuan to build a stock of 1200 pigs breeding farms, with an annual supply of 11,000 breeding pigs and 31,000 commercial pigs, supporting 500 hectares of land for combining planting and breeding. Pudan breeding pig farm adheres to the concept of high configuration, high quality and excellent breeding source, and selecting Jyden hardware equipment in Denmark and Jingpeng as a civil engineering contractor. Pudan breeding pig farm introduces high-quality Danish purebred sows and committed to promote the PSY35+. As a Danish breeding farm, everything is managed in strict accordance with EU standards, and the sows were fed according to the high yield standard to ensure the excellent breeding quality.

Pig farm strength


Pudan breeding pig farm adheres to the concept of pig-based, feed-based, and high-standard animal welfare, which fundamentally reduces the stress of pigs and ensures the health of herds. As we all know, Denmark leads the world in animal welfare standards. Pudan breeding pig farm fully complies with Danish legislation and animal welfare standards, and has been certified by IFU supervision. From the design to the equipment, the pig farm is truly pig-based:

  • - Leakage area of slatted floor cannot exceed 10% of the total area, and the floor must reduce damage to the hoof.
  • - The width and length of the stall in farrowing house can be adjusted so that there is enough room for sow to move and feed in without squeezing the piglets.
  • - With the design of free access to the pig house (gestation house), sows can be protected and fed independently; while they can have effective movement space, which can greatly reduce the abortion and dystocia.

Based on the actual situation in China, Pudan breeding pig farm employs designers from China, Denmark and the United States to participate in the design of pig farm. At the beginning of the design, great importance is attached to biosecurity. Biosecurity standards are far higher than those in Europe and the United States to prevent pathogens from entering the pig farm at the source.

  • - Pudan breeding pig farm has an impeccable channel for washing and disinfection of individuals and objects respectively, which can ensure the isolation and avoid cross contamination.
  • - Build a transfer feed tower, to transport feed to the pig farm by air operated way. Therefore, the car does not need to enter the pig farm.
  • - There is a washing station 800 meters away from the pig farm. The vehicles such as feed and pig trucks must go through the station to be cleaned. They only can work on the periphery of the pig farm if going through the full process step by step as followed: washing, foam washing, washing, spray disinfection, isolation and drying.


All the equipment in the pig farm are imported from Denmark. The pig farm equipped with advanced negative pressure ventilation system, fully automatic feed line and waterline system, manure treatment system, dry and wet separation system and environmental control system. Pudan breeding pig farm has a very high level of mechanization and automation. The ventilation, heating, cooling, transportation and feeding in the pig farm are automatically controlled by computer. Pudan breeding pig farm ensures the optimum temperature conditions for pigs through environment control and local accurate temperature control. For example, in the farrowing house, the overall environment temperature can be controlled between 18 and 24 degrees by the fan with wet curtain, air conditioner and other equipment upon the roof. While the piglet incubator accurately controls the inside temperature through the feedback from temperature sensing information, and always maintains the optimal temperature for piglets' physiological needs, to ensure the health of piglets.

03Breeding pig

Dan bred pigs are well known for their high reproductive capacity of sows, high survival rate of piglets, excellent feeding conversion rate, low slaughter loss and high lean meat rate. These are the reasons why Pudan breeding pig farm chooses to feed Dan bred pigs. According to the public data of the state, the average PSY (the number of weaned piglets per sow per year) of Chinese pig farms is about 18; while in Denmark, it has an average PSY of 33.3 which is the best breeding performance in the world.


All employees of Pudan breeding pig farm were sent to have the theory training in Grindsted Agriculture College in Denmark and the operation training in the pig farm with best production performance in Denmark (PSY 40.8) for two months. In the two years before the production, excellent Danish farm managers are employed to manage the pig farm, to ensure that Danish advanced technology can be applied in the pig farm. Therefore, solving the problems of Danish pigs' inadaptability in China, and giving full play to the strength of Danish pigs' high yield.


In order to carry out the call from the national development of green agriculture, Pudan breeding pig farm makes full use of waste resources. Pudan pig farm signed the fertilizer and water absorption agreement with the famers 500 hectares surrounding, combining planting and breeding to developing the ecological agriculture.The manure pollution of pig farm is firstly separated to the wet and dry. The solid manure is composted, while the liquid manure is fermented. The process of composting and fermentation is monitored to ensure the fertility of the fertilizer. Thereby, the harmless fertilizer is returned to the field under appropriate season and climate conditions. Based on extensive research in the market, and in order to ensure the sustainable development of green agriculture company, Pudan breeding pig farm will sign an agreement with local farmers. In the first year of operation, Pudan breeding pig farm will pay a high price of 3 yuan per kg for the wheat that growed by using pig farm fertilizers. Beside the manure, farmers are not allowed to use any pesticides and fertilizers. In the second year, wheat will be purchased at 3.2 yuan per kg, and so on until the fifth year, wheat will be purchased at 4 yuan per kg. Sequentially, five years later, the land will be cleaned and Pudan breeding pig farm will continue to pay high prices for wheat to produce truly organic green flour. For corns that use manure without using any pesticides or fertilizers, depending on the corn mycotoxin, Pudan breeding pig farm will also buy it at a high price to make feed within 5 years, and then use it to make organic green corns after. Through the combination of planting and breeding, Pudan breeding pig farm can control the quality of feed, while farmers can get benefits. In the win-win situation for both the pig farm and farmers, there will be no negative impact on the environment.