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Technical Team

Jacob Holm Pedersen

Executive Vice President of DLG Group, CEO of Vilofoss

Jacob is committed to the development of vitamin and mineral groups, and his research results are leading in Europe.

Jacob Dall

R&D Director of Vilofoss

Customizes nutrition and formula precisely, Jacob is committed to putting the latest feed research of world into production practice.

Kim Sejr

Engineering Director of DLG Group, European Feed Machinery Expert

Kim provides design and technical support for global feed production, to ensure seamless joint between formulation and production.

Uffe Oelgaard Bloch

Head of Pudan Pig Farm

Uffe graduated from the advanced institution of higher learning of agricultural trade in Denmark. He has a national advanced degree in agricultural trade, and 23 years of experience in pig farm production and operation.

Dr. Wang Xiao

Chief Expert of Puai Group

Visiting scholar at Peking University and University of Illinois, USA. Dr. Wang has nearly 30 years of practical experience in pig nutrition.

Lu Fushan

R&D Deputy Director of Puai Group

Mr. Lu is responsible for the research and development of pig nutrition program, implement the pig nutrition and management project with high genetic performance. He provided nutrition and management program for many large breeding enterprises.