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Beef cattle

Puai ruminant feed introduces the latest research and development technology of European beef cattle feed nutrition, combines the current situation of ruminant in China, formulated a precise nutritional formula, so as to easily solve the common problems of domestic beef cattle, such as slow growth, long-term waste of digestion, rumen acidosis, long time to reach the slaughter weight etc., with the powerful technical service team and on-site feed formula tools of Puai, the breeding efficiency can be improved rapidly.

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Beef cattle products
Phases calves calf growing cattle finishing cattle
Product name 5100 5101 5131 5132 5133 5103 5104
Product proportion 100% 100% 30% 30% 30% 100% 100%

It can increase the growth speed, reduce the waste of feed digestion, enhance the resistance of cattle, and grow to the slaughter weight in advance


Methionine and energy balance, digestion and rumen-bypass protein balance, fiber balance, and strengthen vitamin and micronutrient nutrition

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