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Swine Solution

High-yielding sow feed B

Product name in the package: 13% pregnancy, lactating sow concentrated feed - 695, 696

Use Stage: Breeding - Pregnancy - Delivery - Weaning - Breeding

Product characteristics
  • High content of vitamin and biotin (VE and folic acid, which are related to reproduction) can improve reproductive performance of sow
  • High content of absorbable calcium and available phosphorus can improve bone density of sows and increase the longevity of sows;
  • Special fermentation products can improve digestion and absorption of feed and improve intestinal health of sows.
  • Unique fiber balance combination can create superior digestive system
Product efficacy
  • Sows have good back fat, fast estrus and high success rate of breeding.
  • Newborn piglets are well-proportioned in size and fewer weak.
  • Sows have plenty of milk and piglets grow fast.

Piglet Nutrition Package

Product Name: PUAI pig milk replacer, PUAI Zhu Nai, PUAI Starter 2, and PUAI Grower.

Use Stage: newborn piglets to nursing period

Product characteristics
  • High nutrition which is close to the nutritional composition of sow milk, can ensure the maximum growth performance of piglets;
  • High content of milk make food calling easy. Be dissolved without residue, and can replace breast milk.
  • Has a variety of bifidus factors, and is similar to solid yoghurt, which can prevent the growth of harmful bacteria in wet mix, improve immunity and the health of piglets.
  • No antigen can improve the health of the intestine, and increase digestion and absorption rate;
  • No antibiotics can make palatability good, and make piglets willing to eat.
Product efficacy
  • Reasonable collocation and good economic efficiency;
  • The weight of piglets can reach 70 kg after use;
  • Reduce the mortality rate of newborn piglets, have good ability of food calling and replace breast milk.
  • Piglets grow well and have strong disease resistance.
  • Reduce the incidence and mortality of diarrhea in piglets.
  • Piglets grow fast and increase weaning weight.